We have gotten to know Italy region by region, walking the streets and meeting the people, tasting the food and wine, driving all over the map, and finally settling in Puglia where we call home. We have learned from so many gracious locals during our travels and continue to make great friends throughout Italy who share their local knowledge with us. Additionally, we have the benefit of partnering with Laura’s mother Susan and Steve of Aberrant Adventures, who have 30 years of tour guiding and travel planning experience. We are very fortunate to be able to tap into their decades of knowledge and established relationships with so many authentic and off-the-beaten-path gems all over Italy. No matter where you plan to travel in Italy we can guide and share our personally vetted accommodations, restaurants, tours and experiences.

Whether you plan to visit the popular cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, relax on the Amalfi Coast, explore Sicily and all it’s beauty, unwind in the Tuscan countryside, dive into Puglia, or head to the lakes and the mountains for skiing, we can share some of the best kept secrets we have found throughout our travels. With so much variety here in Italy we can work together to plan a unique trip that will resonate with your likes and interests.

Trip planning services:

  • Video/phone consultation and introduction to get to know you to better customize and plan your vacation

  • Helpful advice for flight, train and travel accommodations

  • Recommend and book the best hotels and lodging based on your needs to fit your budget

  • Custom daily itineraries for anywhere you plan to travel throughout Italy

  • Comprehensive trip planning and booking for trips ranging as short as one week up to three months long

  • Private tours complete with driver and guide throughout Italy

  • We speak Italian, and will book any restaurant reservations, hotels, or other experiences you may need by phone

  • Helpful suggestions and booking wine tastings, cooking classes, boat trips, guided tours, vespa excursions etc.

  • Phone assistance during your travels should any questions or issues arise. We are happy to help with any and all problems.

  • Customized private webpage with all of your itinerary information, complete with GPS pinpoints, links for all of your activities with historical information and context. This is a great way to help visualize your trip before you leave and keep you organized and informed while you are here in Italy. Click here for an example itinerary. You can never be too organized!

Explore Your Family Roots

Even if you weren’t born in Italy, when you grow up in a family that carries on the traditions of their Italian heritage it’s easy to be proud of the culture (and food!) of the old world. We both grew up with strong Italian influences in our families which offered us the opportunity to dig into our family history in person, in Italy. We researched our roots, walked the streets where our great grandparents lived, tasted the dishes they ate and visited the churches they frequented with the relatives we never got a chance to meet. It’s a humbling experience to say the least. It’s always rewarding for us to bring clients to their family’s home town, many of which are small, off the beaten path and often have no or very few people who speak English. By offering this service, we give those who cannot speak Italian a full immersion into their family’s past. We learn something new every time we take one of these trips, and you will get a deeper appreciation for where you came from.

  • We can plan for this to be a day tour or a full experience woven into your itinerary

  • Video/Phone conversation to learn as much as we can about your roots, gathering details and documents you may have that will give us a good starting point to plan a once in a lifetime experience

  • Deep dive to find out as much history on the town, region, and information unique to your family heritage

  • Create an itinerary for the region focusing on authentic and local food, wine and history

  • Guided tour of your family’s hometown, speaking with locals who may be able to shed light on more of your family’s past

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Our favorite region of Italy is Puglia. We live here throughout the year and do our most in depth guiding and hosting throughout the region. With grove after grove of ancient olive trees, beautiful white washed towns, beaches on both the Adriatic and Ionian coasts, great food and wine and incredible history we would love to welcome you to the road less traveled.

Trip planning services in Puglia:

  • Video/phone consultation to customize and plan your vacation

  • Helpful advice for flight and travel accommodations

  • Recommend and book hotels and lodging

  • Tours and single day trips in and around Puglia with private driver and guide

  • Custom itineraries for anywhere you plan to travel throughout Puglia

  • 1-2 week private guided Puglia tours customized to your interests

  • Phone assistance during your travels

  • Customized private webpage with all of your travel info and GPS pinpoints