Laura has been traveling to Italy since she was a child. Her mother began bringing the family over when Laura was just 10 years old and they saw the country one region at time: from Sicily to Umbria to Sardegna to Tuscany. Her mother, Susan, is an Italian teacher back in the states and has dedicated her life to Italian education. Laura has picked up her mother’s beautiful accent over the years and her ear for the language came in quite handy in our early days. We have the luxury of being able to partner with Susan & Steve of Aberrant Adventures when planning trips. They have over 30 years of experience executing seamless tours ranging from small private vacations to group tours of 30+ students. We are fortunate to be able to draw from their wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to ensure beautiful experiences for our clients.

Jim’s roots are Sicilian and Napolitano. He remembers his great grandmother’s Sunday lunches in Rochester, New York with his large Italian American family, which were eerily similar to our Sunday lunches with our new Italian friends and family here. Jim was the first member of his family to set foot in his great grandparent’s home village in Sicily after over 100 years. The moment he landed in this country something called to his soul - and after the Terranovas fled so many years ago, he is proud to be and Italian citizen and calling Italy home again. Most importantly he has finally learned the meaning of some of the naughty Sicilian dialect words he heard growing up.