Travel itineraries unique to you:

Italy has a wealth of beautiful regions, experiences, and tastes to enjoy. In order to plan your perfect trip, we start with a conversation about the things that most interest you. Big cities, sleepy towns, seaside villages, countryside, laid-back pace, adventurous outings, museums, vineyards, religious history, cooking classes, or a little bit of everything. Whatever your interests, we aim to plan authentic and uniquely special trips for each of our guests. We take pride in the fact that every tour is a unique, personalized and customized… never pre-packaged.

Once the specifics are agreed upon we create a private password protected webpage that we can update and modify as needed ( Full of photos of where you will be going and explanations and details on everything you will be doing, the site serves as a great way to help visualize your trip and is a perfect all-in-one spot to keep all of your travel details in order.

Traveling in a foreign place can be challenging, so we try to provide as much information as we can for our clients, as well as tools to assist you if we are not on the ground guiding the tour in-person.

For those who want some flexibility we will provide a list of our favorite places to go and personalized suggestions for sites to see. For those who enjoy more structure we can fully plan your days down to the hour and book experiences accordingly. For all of our suggestions we will give historical background (deep dive explanations available) as well as Google pinpoints to help you easily find all of the sites, restaurants, hotels, and other points of interest on the go without having to re-reference and search for yourself.

Below is an example of a basic itinerary, hotel information and detailed advice and explanations have been removed. Details, pinpoints, website links and interactive links have also been de-activated, but are simple clickable links when active.

Italy July 30th - August 12th

Below you can find all the information for your trip, our suggestions of activities and sites to visit during the days & all of the details for your hotels and clickable links to all of the important locations on google maps to help you better orient yourself while traveling.  You will have access to this page before your trip, and for the entire duration of your trip.  Pinpoints will be labeled ***PINPOINT***, or any word with three asterisks before and after can be clicked on as a google map location.  (example: ***Tiburtina Station***)  We advise you to print out details so you have hard copies of the important documents, but if you have an international phone plan with web service this page will serve as a one stop spot for all your information on the go!



June 30th - July 4th

Hotel Information:

  • xxxxxxxxxxxx (Via xxxxxxxxxxx, Florence )

  • (p) +39 xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Check in June 30 - Check out July 4

  • King Suite and Queen Room

  • PAID IN FULL via credit card €2,320.

  • (will need to pay €3 per person per day tax at checkout in cash totaling €36)


SATURDAY JUNE 30th - Arrival in Italy!

  • Arrival in Pisa airport at 6:45pm catch 7:32pm train to Florence arriving at Santa Maria Novella Station 8:47pm .When you get to Santa Maria Novella station you will get a taxi to your hotel, xxxxxxxx. The train station is about a 15 minute cab ride from the hotel, and we suggest using the white taxi cabs as opposed to private black cars as the prices for taxis are fair and regulated.

*** We have organized a special after hours check-in for you. Before you board your train please call us to let us know that you are en route and we will call the hotel to coordinate the check-in. This is a very important step, please remember to be in touch! *** 

  • Once you check into your hotel, you will be able to finally unwind after a day of travel and head out for your first meal in Italy!

  • Dinner reservations under "xxxxxxxxx" right around the corner from your hotel at 10:00pm at xxxxxxxx -------- ***PINPOINT***

SUNDAY JULY 1st - First day in Florence with a Sunset Vespa Tour

Florence is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and one of our favorite places to spend time.  After breakfast at your hotel you should decide on what things are most important to see from the helpful list "Things to see/do in Florence" found below.  Selecting a few places to visit will make for a great way to explore the city on foot and take in all of the amazing architecture and beauty.  Remember everything moves slowly in Italy, especially on Sundays, so don't be surprised if a few shops or restaurants are closed... so take this day to explore our suggestions and the beautiful scenery.

For the afternoon we have booked a wonderful sunset Vespa tour with a drive through the Chianti countryside that includes wine tasting and aperitivo.  You will have to meet at the offices promptly at 3:45pm.  The company running the tour is xxxxxxxxxx and the meeting point for your Vespa tour is Via xxxxxx (walking distance from the hotel) and their contact phone number is +39 xxxxxxxxxx if you have any questions day of.  Here is a ***PINPOINT*** to their offices.  Make sure to bring driver’s licenses. You have paid a deposit of €66 and your group will owe €264 upon arrival.  (10% discount if you pay cash).

You will get back from the Vespa tour and be back in the city around 8pm. 

Dinner reservation at 9pm at xxxxxxx: ***PINPOINT*** .  

Things to see/do in Florence (July 1st & 3rd) (click on names for google pinpoint):

We take into account your interests and the amount of time that you have and will personally tailor our suggestions to you and your party providing plenty of options for you to choose from to fill your time, or we can structure an exact itinerary for you.

  • Suggested places to visit

    • We will provide a long list of suggestions of places to visit with detailed explanations. Location information and pinpoints will be provided for all suggestions as well. We can provide deep dives for specific items that greatly interest our clients as well as additional links to great articles for further education. We will do whatever we can to help make the days enjoyable and easily digestible.

  • More interesting options

    • We provide information on how to book anything that you have not directly asked us to book.

    • Pre-book tickets here . ***PINPOINT***

  • Etc.

Restaurants we recommend in Florence:

Some of the best restaurants do not have english speaking staff and need to be called in advance to book reservations due to their popularity. We are happy to provide this service for our clients

  • Ristorante:

    • Great for Panini to go on your way to xxxxxxxxx. ***PINPOINT***

  • Trattoria:

    • Wonderful selection of wine, cheeses and a great sit down lunch. ***PINPOINT***

  • Cantina:

    • We highly recommend this vineyards restaurant for a wonderful dinner right around the corner from your hotel! ***PINPOINT***

  • Pizzeria:

    • Great for a high quality, large selection of pizza, pasta, and panini to go or for sit-down Italian cafeteria style. ***PINPOINT***

  • Ristorante:

    • Famous and delicious place to enjoy an incredible lunch Monday-Saturday always serving great Tuscan cuisine. ***PINPOINT***

  • Trattoria:

    • Low key and simple authentic Italian trattoria with generous portions and great prices . ***PINPOINT***

MONDAY JULY 2nd - Beautiful Rome

After a beautiful day exploring the city of Florence and the riding through the countryside, you will be onto another incredible adventure visiting one of the most iconic cities in all of the world - Rome!  After breakfast at your hotel you can head to the train station and purchase your tickets to Rome.  Trains leave often and take about an hour and 20 minutes without any stops in between.  You will arrive in Rome ***Tiburtina Station*** or ***Termini Station*** from Florence ***Santa Maria Novella Station***.  

Once you are in Rome there are countless things you can go and see and do depending on what you are most interested in... obviously you will need to pick and choose the things that interest you the most but here are some of our suggestions of sites worth visiting and restaurants and regions we love.  We imagine you will be figuring out Rome on the fly and trying to pack in as much as possible in one day, so this will be very helpful to make some informed decisions!

  • Sample Neighborhood ***PINPOINT***

    • Beautiful Churches - There are hundreds upon hundreds of churches in Rome and each one offers something different by way of pieces of art, architecture, history. It’s worth doing some reading to see which pop out as interesting to you but we’ve already narrowed down the churches worth seeing based on our personal visits. Remember churches will close midday, so depending on your arrival and amount of time you will be spending in Rome it is worth making a point to see these before noon, or when they re-open in the late afternoon.

      • ***Cattedrale and explanation***

      • ***Chiesa with Caravaggio paintings***

      • ***Cattedrale designed by Michelangelo***

      • ***Etc***

    • Museum options - Detailed info on the location ***PINPOINT***

    • Ristorante - A great place to have lunch in this neighborhood ***PINPOINT***

  • Sample Neighborhood - ***PINPOINT***

    • Mercato - Open air market with a beautiful selection of local goods ***PINPOINT****

    • Chiesa - Important church for these reasons. ***PINPOINT***

    • Cantina - Hip wine and specialty cocktail bar. ***PINPOINT***

    • Ristorante - Great restaurant for lunch or dinner. ***PINPOINT***

    • Trattoria - Restaurant for lunch only. ***PINPOINT***

    • Ristorante- Open for lunch and dinner ***PINPOINT***

  • The Colosseum - One of the most iconic landmarks in all the world, the Colosseum is simply breathtaking. Since your time is limited we suggest visiting only the outside of the Colosseum to avoid wasting the day long lines to get in. ***PINPOINT***

  • St. Peter's Basilica - Another incredible place to visit, it usually packed with tourists and it is on the outskirts of Rome and you will need a taxi to get there efficiently. If seeing Vatican city and visiting the Basilica is on your bucket list we suggest going as early as possible and being patient as there will definitely be a lot of people there with a long wait to get in. Certainly worth a visit, but if you only have one day in Rome I would only suggest this if it is an absolute must-do for you. ***PINPOINT***

Rome is a large city and you only have one day there, we suggest picking a neighborhood and really exploring it and enjoying it.  Impossible to see everything, so choose the things that interest you the most and dive into those experiences.  Just being in Rome is an experience in and of itself, and every corner will have something beautiful to enjoy... it will be a day you won't forget.

TUESDAY JULY 3rd - Explore Florence 

For your last day in Florence we recommend going through the list of things to see and do and decide on what you would enjoy.  Maybe a trip to see xxxxxxx, or a trip to xxxxxxxxx. You can spend some time today doing a bit of shopping since your first day in Florence was on a Sunday. 

We are happy to make lunch and dinner reservations for you if you would like a specific place at a specific time... just let us know and we will call and update the information right here on your personal webpage.

WEDNESDAY JULY 4th - From Florence to Sicily 

Today you say goodbye to Florence and leave the mainland to head to the beautiful island of Sicily for a few days of peace and relaxation in the countryside after a busy first few days hopping around major cities.

Your day begins early with a Hotel arranged car transfer to the airport.  We have booked this for you, but confirm this with reception during your stay (it never hurts to confirm again.  We will also call them during your stay and make sure this is properly executed as it is very important to catch your early flight.  The car will pick you up at 4:30 am and will take you directly to the Florence airport where you will arrive in plenty of time to check your bags and get situated for your 6:50am flight to xxxxxxx

  • Flight information: Vueling (Flight # xxxxxxx) Departing at 6:50am from Florence arriving at 8:20 am in xxxxxxx.

When you arrive at the airport, you will pick up your luggage and your driver will be waiting for you outside of the baggage claim.  The hotel has booked your driver, and they have your flight information so they will be able to track your progress and arrival time.  The car transfer is booked for your 8:20am arrival, and will be  €110 cash to be paid to the driver directly.

He will take you directly to the xxxxxxxxxxx, your boutique country hotel.

Hotel Information:

  • xxxxxxxxx ( Via xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx )

  • (p) +39 xxxxxxxxxx


  • Check in July 4th - Check out July 7

  • Suite Deluxe

  • Paid in full €1,950 including the cooking class

You will arrive at the hotel before check-in, but they have assured us you will be able to enjoy the poolside and have lunch on site if the room needs additional preparations.  As soon as the suite is ready they will bring you to your accommodations.

After you check into your room and have relaxed for a while, we have organized a horseback riding tour at 5pm.  The horseback riding will be €80 per person (€240 total) to be paid to the guide in cash.

We would suggest unwinding on this first day with a drink at the bar and a dinner at the hotel's restaurant after another memorable and full day enjoying the best of Italy.

THURSDAY JULY 5th - Enjoying the countryside

Today will be completely up to you!  The hotel has beautiful grounds to explore, and the infinity pool is amazing.  It could be a nice day to take it easy after all of the traveling you have been doing.  You could also consider organizing a beach day this day if you want if you feel like getting out.  We can suggest the best beach clubs nearby and can help organize a transfer or a taxi to the waterfront.  The only thing that you asked us to have scheduled for you is your cooking course with the hotel chef.

Your cooking course will take place at 5:30 pm.  You will be in the kitchen with the hotel's chef and you will learn how to make lemon tagliolini and homemade butter and sage ravioli.  (The price of this class was included in your initial booking package)