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For Love of the Moon is my assortment of vintage & handmade clothing curated for those who appreciate one-of-a-kind quality over all else. All items listed on my shop have been sourced as vintage and/or recycled OR from brands with ethical practices, applied to both people + planet, and production runs in small batches. For Love of the Moon revolves around the mindset of reducing, recycling and understanding our footprint on this earth. Let's make the world go round & round the way it should.  

I'm currently living in the countryside of Southern Italy running For Love of the Moon among sleepy olive trees just off the Adriatic Sea. My water is now collected from the rain in a cistern below my house and I pick my fruit fresh from the trees in my backyard. I've traded all of my possessions for a simpler life, this slower pace. Each day is a step towards slowing down and consuming responsibly. 

RECYCLED BUYING: There are so many already made beautiful clothes in the world that are just waiting to be discovered and here at For Love of the Moon we find so much happiness in finding these vintage pieces and sharing them with you. Recycling is key to reducing waste and your carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and helping to keep our planet healthy. 

OUR MARKINGS: If an item is vintage vs handmade vs recycled we mark it as so. A true vintage item will always be marked "VINTAGE", with the decade listed if we were able to dig up that information. Typically all of our vintage pieces are from the 60s or 70s. 

VINTAGE CONDITION: Usually our pieces are in good vintage condition, meaning just gently worn. We'll list specific and noticeable wear & tear in the product description if there is any.  Please be aware that you are buying vintage or pre-loved pieces and some wear is expected. Please look through the pictures, read the description before purchasing and if you have questions shoot us an email. We want you to love your vintage.